AZMARINEBERG Limited with registration number RC949826 is an accredited (FMEnv, NESREA, DPR, LASEPA, OGEPA, OGMEnv), environmental consulting firm. Our team of environmental scientists with specialist expertise in the assessment of the physiochemical, microbiological and geotechnical studies of the marine, terrestrial and coastal environments is dynamic with the aim of providing excellent environmental services to its teeming clients. Our services cover environmental analysis and management, including risk, audit and impact assessments, baseline surveys and compliance monitoring, environmental surveys and management plans, threatened species management, coastal GIS mapping, geo-referencing, water abstractions and ground water pollution management.

AZMARINEBERG study environments spans through different sectors such as the oil and gas, power generating, food and beverages, iron and steel, chemical industries and health care sectors. We work in close partnership with our clients to bring outstanding and sustainable result throughout the lifecycle of their on-going or proposed projects. Excellent results are obtained, through the application of our profound market sector insights and remarkable environmental technological design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services. We are also involved in international biodiversity research programs. Our reputation is built on providing specialize environmental and ecological expertise, a high standard of quality control and reporting, a commitment to client needs, and integrity in all aspects of our operations.

Biological Analysis

AZMARINEBERG Limited environmental laboratory houses state of the art biological equipments which habits a comprehensive biological reference collection of samples and specimen. All data held by AZMARINEBERG are compiled within our biodiversity database, which is supplemented by a photographic library of biological specimens to provide a valuable information resource on species identification and distribution. The development of in-house taxonomic expertise and the continuous updating of photographic and distributional databases are core components of AZMARINEBERG business.

Our staffs have expertise in the taxonomy of all major marine fish, invertebrate, and plant groups, and include specialists with taxonomic knowledge of fishes, crustaceans, ascidians, sponges and other marine invertebrates. We also routinely collaborate with taxonomic specialists at state agencies, universities and other private consultancies to coordinate the identification of diverse biological collections from tropical study areas. Our laboratory primarily processes samples collected during our field studies, but we are also able to provide a benthic identification service to facilitate the rapid processing of samples collected by other organizations.

Physiochemical Analysis and Testing Services

Our environmental laboratory houses additional analytical equipment for the processing of sediment, effluent, treated and untreated water samples, with redox potential, sulphide concentration, organic content and particle size distribution routinely analysed using appropriate meters, probes and other equipment. For analysis of additional sediment and water quality parameters, we collaborate with accredited laboratories in the country.

Our Environmental Laboratory is equipped with modern facilities for testing.  It is manned by specialized and technically competent analysts. Our staffs are trained to work with standard operating procedures and best practices.

Environmental Laboratory and Testing Services

The services provided in the Environmental Laboratory cover a broad range of tests, namely, physiochemical parameters:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Organics
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Biological/microbiological testing
  • Tissue analysis
  • Toxicity analysis
  • Noise and air quality survey
  • Chlorophyll a content

Our laboratory is dedicated to providing high-quality sampling and data acquisition services to all industries, institutions and government agencies. The quality objective of our laboratories is to conduct sampling, testing and calibration services to internationally accepted good practice as well as accredited by FMEnv, DPR, NESREA, LASEPA, OGEPA and other regulatory agencies.