AZMARINEBERG LIMITED, as part of its services to existing and potential clients, lease and supplies environmental monitoring equipments such as combustible Gas detectors, weather measuring meters, distance measuring meters, sound level meters and GPS devices. These instruments are used for pollution (air, water, noise) control, Environmental monitoring &assessments as well as overall occupational health and safety exercises. The quality of our instruments is of high standard as we purchase from quality manufacturers and brands such as RAE Systems, TES, EXTECH, GARMIN and NK .Below is a list showing an overview of the instruments for rent, their specifications and rent rates.


The EZ40-EzFlexTM combustible gas detector, with a water-resistant, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant case, comes with a 16” (406mm) flexible gooseneck for easy access into hard to reach locations. It provides durability and a two-alarm notification system (light and sound) to make sure the user is aware of any danger. It detects various gases such as; Natural Gas, Methane,  Ethane, Propane, Butane, Acetone, Alcohol, Ammonia, Steam, Carbon Monoxide, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Hydrogen Sulfide, Smoke, Industrial Solvents, Lacquer Thinner and Naphtha. Notable features are:

  • Quickly identifies and pinpoints gas leaks
  • High Sensitivity
  • One hand operation with thumb controlled sensitivity adjustment, to eliminate background gas levels
  • Visible and audible alarm at 10% (LEL) Lower Explosive Limit for methane
  • Locate the smallest leaks
  • Complete with 3 “C” batteries

Pump driven fieldcalibration range 10ppm
Sensor typeSolid State
AlarmVisible and Audible @ 10% LEL for Methane
Warm-upApprox. 1 minute
Response Time< 2 seconds (up to 40% LEL)
Duty CycleIntermittent
Battery life8 hours continuous use typical
Dimensions8.7 x 2.83 x 1.8″ (221 x 72 x 46mm)
Weight18.4oz (520g)

RENT PRICE: ₦10000
DURATION: 24 Hours

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For precise locations of whatever object, the GPSMAP®78 (with high-sensitivity receiver, Cool color mapping, new molded rubber side grips, plus a microSD™ card slot for loading additional maps) is the go to choice. It comes with a built-in worldwide base map for easy navigation, a 1.7GB internal memory, high sensitivity GPS with Hotfix®, a 20-hours battery life and floats if accidentally dropped on water.



Display type – Transflective, 65-K color TFT
Weight – 7.7 oz (218.3 g) with batteries
Battery – 2 AA batteries (not included); NiMH or Lithium recommended
Battery life – 20 hours
Water rating – IPX7
Maps and Memory – Basemap Ability to add maps, Built-in memory 1.7 GB, Accepts data cards microSD™ card (not included), Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest), Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads)

DURATION: 24 Hours

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The Met One HHPC 6+ is applicable in High Technology Manufacturing processes such as, routine clean room monitoring, troubleshooting particle contamination related problems within high cleanliness manufacturing environment, spot check in critical locations, identify gross lead in filters, and also in GMP related applications such as Routine monitoring of controlled environments and clean rooms as part of a good manufacturing practice regime, Ideal for ISO Class 5-7 (FED STD Class 100 – Class 10,000) controlled environments, Aseptically packaging food, dairy and beverage products, Pin point particle generation within process equipment or mini-environments, TetraPak filling lines, Hospitals and in producing Medical devices.

Measuring Particle Size – 0.3um, 0.5um, 5.0um
Flow Rate –  0.1 cfm (2.83 l/min)
Light Source – Laser Diode
Calibration – PSL particles in air
Counting Efficiency – 50% at 0.3 um; 100% for particles > 0.45 um (ISO 21501-4)
Zero Count – Less than 1 count / 5 minutes (ISO 21501-4)
Coincidental Loss – Less than 5% at 2,000,000 particles/cf
Sampling Time – 1 sec – 99 min 59 sec (1 second increment)
Sampling Frequency – 1 – 99 or continuous
Count Modes – Single, Repeat, Continuous, Calculation, Remote and ISO mode
Display – LCD: 20 letters, 4 lines
Interface – RS232C or RS485
Baud Rate – 9600 bps
Buffer Memory – 10,000 sample records
AC Adapter – 5VDC at 2.5A, 100 – 240VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Battery – 4 x AA Batteries
Operating Time – 3 hrs with 1600mAh Batteries
Vacuum Source – Internal pump, flow controlled
Dimensions – W 4.3 x D 2.7 x H 7.7 inch (108 x 68 x 196 mm)
Weight – 1.5 lbs (680 g)
Accessories – Isokinetic Probe, AC Adapter, Zero Filter, Battery & Charger
Utility Software, Communication Cable
Options – Thermal Printer, Printer Cable, Carrying Case, Tripod

RENT PRICE: ₦25000
DURATION: 24 Hours

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In monitoring field conditions, the Kestrel 3000 pocket weather and environmental meter is of great importance.  From the Kestrel 3000’s easy-to-read display screen, accurate measurements such as relative humidity, temperature, wind chill, wind speed, dew point and heat stress index readings are calculated. This device is rugged, durable, waterproofed and innovatively designed for stability and accuracy in abrupt weather conditions.

Notable features include;

  • 3-Button Control
  • Kestrel Certificate of Conformity
  • Neck Lanyard
  • CR2032 Coin Cell Battery (Average Life 300 Hours)
  • Data Hold Function
  • Drop-Tested, MIL-STD-810F
  • Easy-To-Read Display
  • Patented Impeller and Sensor Technology
  • Slip-On Protective Cover
  • User-Replaceable Batteries
  • User-Replaceable Impeller
  • Waterproof & Floats
  • Backlight

RENT PRICE: ₦15000
DURATION: 24 Hours

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The STANLEY®TLM 99 100’ / 30m Laser Distance Meter with a shock-resistant case helps in the measurement of distances between target objects and calculates the area& volume of these objects quickly and easily. This tool measures up to 100 feet (30 meters) and provides accurate readings within +/- 3/32 inches (2 mm).


  • Automatic calculations make job estimates quick & easy
  • Measures distance, calculates area & volume
  • Addition/subtraction convenient way to calculate in the field without a calculator or manual math
  • Accuracy +/- 3/32″ (2mm)
  • Continuous measurement tracking function finds distance from a target quickly & easily.

Battery Type – AAA Batteries
Bluetooth Enable No
Calculate Area & Volume Yes
Range – 4”-100″
Accuracy – ±3/32” (2mm)
Measuring units – Ft/in/m

DURATION: 24 Hours

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Features of the sound level meter are listed below:

  • 0.1dB Resolution
  • Maximum hold function
  • Aux output Jacks

Standard applied – IEC 651 Type2
Range – A LO (Low) – Weighting: 35- 100dB, A HI (High) – Weighting: 65-130dB, C LO (Low) – Weighting: 35- 100dB, C HI (High) – Weighting: 65-130dB
Resolution – 0.1Db
Frequency Range – 31.5Hz to 8KHz
Accuracy – ±2dB
Dynamic Range – 65Db
Frequency Weighting A.C
Time Weighting – Slow & Fast
Maximum Hold – Decay < 1dB/3min
Microphone – Electrets condenser microphone
Calibration – Electrical calibration by using the internal oscillator (1KHz sine Wave at 94dB)
Auxiliary Output – AC conditioned, 0.65Vrms corresponding to each range step, impedance: 600 W DC conditioned, 10mV/dB (nominally)
Operating Condition – (0℃ to 40 ℃< 80% R. H)
Storage Condition – (-10℃ to 60 ℃< 70% R.H)
Display – 3 1/2 digitals
Power Supply – one 9V battery
Size – 240mm(L)x68mm(W)x25mm(H)
Weight – 215g
Accessories  Instruction Manual, 9V Battery, Carrying Case, Screwdriver, Windscreen.

DURATION: 24 Hours

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The UNI-T UT325 Sound Level Meter is used to accurately measure noise levels generated at a specific location and period. This device is capable of measuring sound in four different ranges, which spans from 30 decibels all the way to 130db with a frequency rating of 31.5Hz – 8000Hz. These ranges of measurement are:

  • 30 – 80dB (with best accuracy of ±1.5dB)
  • 50-100dB (with best accuracy of ±1.5dB)
  • 60-110dB (with best accuracy of ±1.5dB)
  • 80-130dB (with best accuracy of ±1.5dB)

UNI-T UT325 features measurements taking in two separate sampling rates. FAST mode will generate a sample of 8 times per second while the SLOW mode will generate 1 times per second.


Function Range Resolution Accuracy Remarks
A – Weighting and C-Weighting 30-80dB 0.1dB ±1.5db Frequency Response 31.5 – 8kHz
Sampling Rate Fast Sampling Time: 125m/s
Slow Sampling Time: 1 Sec
Analogue Bar Graph 3-130dB 1dB 1dB per scale,sampling time: 200 times

per second

Overloading Overrange display: OVER

Under range display: UNDER

DC Analogue Signal Output Output Impedance around 100Ω, 10mV/dB Has input terminal
AC Analogue Signal Output Output impednace around 600Ω, 0.707V/each scale Has input terminal
Power (HOLD) Turn on and off the meter and data holding
Level (AUTO) Selecting auto and manual ranging
A/C (RECALL/CLR) A – Weighting and C-Weighting Selection RECALL/CLR features are for model UT352. Press to recall and clear data
FAST/SLOW (STORE/BL) Selection of fast or slow sampling rate and turn on and off backlight display STORE feature is for model UT352 only. Press to store data
MAX/MIN (Auto Ranging) Selection of Maximum and Minimum Value. Selection of auto power on and off


RENT PRICE: ₦10000
DURATION: 24 Hours

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The QRAE II compact portable Gas detection device which comes in both diffusion and pump models is mostly designed for application in harmful environmental operations such as explorations, confined space entry, Fracking and residential calls. It takes acute level measurements of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, & combustibles, and checks for adequate oxygen with a state-of-the-art, lead-free oxygen monitor. This tool has the capacity to monitor up to four gases in confined spaces It’s water-resistant, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant case provides users with durability, and three alarms (light, sound, and vibration) to notify the user of any danger.


  • Monitors and detects 1-4 gases
  • Lead-free, long-life oxygen sensor
  • Large easy-to-read display can be flipped for handheld or  belt use
  • Three-alarms – visual, audio, and vibration
  • Interchangeable alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Water, dust, and shock-resistant
  • Easy access to pumps, sensors, filter, and battery
  • Minimal electromagnetic and radio interference
  • Detects hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, combustibles, and monitors oxygen

RENT PRICE: ₦25000
DURATION: 24 Hours

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Fieldmaster®  Water Sampling kit

A complete water sampling kit that contains everything needed to obtain samples of water and plankton organisms, to determine the water transparency index, and to measure water depth up to twenty meters.

Contains: LaMotte 1063 plankton nets, secchi disk, 2 50mL Graduated tubes and all purpose wash frames all in a 910-G22 plastic carry case.

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The Extech 9-in-1 DO700 Kit measures DO concentration/saturation, pH, mV, Temperature, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Resistivity. It possesses an automatic one button calibration of 4, 7 and 10 pH with a preference of three-point calibration for better accuracy. It also provides automatic temperature compensation. Complete with DO probe, pH/mV/Temp electrode, polymer Conductivity cell, pH and Conductivity calibration solutions, batteries and hard carrying case.


  • Measures Dissolved Oxygen concentration/saturation, pH, mV, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Resistivity and Temperature
  • One button pH calibration (4, 7, and 10pH)
  • Choice of 3 point pH calibration for better accuracy
  • One point Conductivity calibration – automatically recognizes 8 calibration solutions from USA, Europe and China series
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (non-linear compensation for purified water <10?S/cm to improve measuring accuracy)
  • Memory stores up to 400 readings with series number, measured value and temperature
  • Large blue backlit dual LCD display
  • Auto power off saves battery life with disable function
  • Waterproof housing
  • Complete with DO probe, pH/mV/Temp electrode, polymer Conductivity cell, pH and Conductivity calibration solutions, batteries and hard carrying case

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